Alchemy Mist – White Hojari

Created by:

Mist Herbologist





The White Hojari resin is harvested from the Boswellia sacra species of the frankincense tree. White Hojari functions to slow down and deepen breathing, soothe the spirit in deep relaxation, and enhance a positive mood. It is used for spiritual cleansing and to relieve emotional and physical pain.

Spray the White Jojari alchemy mist to enjoy a delicious relaxing moment. Let the heavenly scent ease your mind since white Hojari has been known to support slowing down, deepening your breathing, soothing your spirit, and enhancing your mood.



Cannot be obtained through normal means.

20 ml. Pure Alchemical Extraction of High-Quality White Hojari in a base of High-Quality Organic Alcohol.


To magnify results, use with clear intention.
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way.

Shake the bottle before use. Spray over the head, the neck, pelvic areas, and psychic energy centers.

Not intended for ingestion in large doses, ingredients are all natural. Follow your inner guidance coming from the Heart Centre, the power is within you.