Cornucopia Amber Pendant

Created by:

Ceremonial Wizard

Shakana Moon




This Amber and Pearl pendant is created with utmost care and attention to detail, highlighting the timeless beauty of amber and the lustrous brilliance of pearls. Amber, known for its captivating warmth, has long been revered for its protective properties. It acts as a shield against negative energies and serves as a symbol of well-being. Combined with the purity and serenity of pearls, this pendant becomes a symbol of harmony and balance, uplifting both your style and spirit.

Wear this talisman close to your heart and experience the transformative benefits it brings. Embrace the beauty and power of this remarkable pendant, and allow its timeless elegance to uplift and empower you on your journey.


Cannot be obtained through normal means.

Sterling Silver, Hand-carved Amber, Round Amber, and Pearls.


To magnify results, use with clear intention.
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way.

Adorn yourself with pure delight as you gracefully place this pendant around your neck.