Ethereal Talisman – Pendant

Created by:

Ancient Mystery Keeper

Shankari Ashton




This mesmerizing pendant is designed with a natural Amethyst cluster, a Rainbow Moonstone, and an Opalite. Amethyst supports creativity and spiritual strength, connecting your mind with your higher self. The Rainbow Moonstone portrays your freedom and helps with healing your inner child. The Opalite works with your energy to ease old pain. It cleanses your heart and prepares you for a new adventure.

Wear Ethereal Talisman and enhance your unique soul. Let the stones’ force help you recognize the contributions of your soul through your creative spiritual expression. Connect yourself to the supreme intelligence that is the source of all wisdom and creativity.


Cannot be obtained through normal means

Sterling silver, natural Amethyst cluster set with a Rainbow Moonstone and an Opalite.



To magnify results, use with clear intention
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way

Wear it as a necklace close to your heart to let the energy of the pendant intertwine with your soul.