Fairy of Eden – Pendant

Created by:

Ancient Mystery Keeper

Shankari Ashton




This pendant presents a clear purpose to provide the wearer with self-healing. The high-quality Rose Quartz helps to deepen your compassion and forgiveness. They work with your higher-self energy to heal your relationships with your loved ones. The pink Topaz supports your ability to develop your sense of humor and fantasy. Gain victory over past pain with the guidance of the white Opal triplet.

Wear the Fairy of Eden to radiate your Divine beauty that shines from your heart. The way you bloom portrays the sublimity of your inner goddess. You have seen how you flutter your golden wings and be so close to the sky, you are unstoppable. How gracefully you appear on the outside, is the reflection of who you are on the inside. Your heart is infinite beauty.


Cannot be obtained through normal means.

Sterling Silver, featuring Rose Quartz, pink Topaz gemstones, and white Opal triplet gemstones.


To magnify results, use with clear intention.

Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way.
Wear it as a necklace close to your heart to let the energy of the pendant intertwine with your soul.