Triumph Amulet – Pendant

Created by:

Ancient Mystery Keeper

Shankari Ashton




A magical pendant created in a sacred space to support your creativity and help you reveal the artist inside you. As Citrine strengthens your focus with intellectual clarity, expands your awareness, and balances your perception to maintain a positive attitude, the Pink Topaz develops your sense of humor and fantasy. The Pearls are for your integrity and purity. They encourage you to speak the truth from your heart.

Allow the energy of the Triumph Amulet to bring alignment and clarity into your life. Creative flow happens when you
acknowledge that you are the creator and are brave enough to trust yourself. Start and end your day with a routine that involves creation that comes from your heart, even as simple as writing in your journal.


Cannot be obtained through normal means

Sterling Silver, Citrine Cluster, Pink Topaz, and Pearls.


To magnify results, use with clear intention
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way

Wear it as a necklace close to your heart to let the energy of the pendant intertwines with your soul and unleash your
creative spirit.