Union Ring

Created by:

Ancient Mystery Keeper

Shankari Ashton




This extraordinary ring design, featuring Blue Topaz and Pink Topaz, is your amulet to light up the way forward. It is
hand-crafted with a silver filigree around the stones to protect them and support the stones’ energy flow. Designed in 4
directional points, to spark your humor and fantasy, so you can take life bite by bite and consistently navigate toward full
abundance in all directions.

Turn your dreams into achievable reality by wearing the Union Ring to give you the power to flow with life without fear. Unite with your Divine Strength by diving into your serenity and feel the bliss you’ve been granted since birth. You can only receive it when you believe that it is yours to experience in the wide cosmos where everything is possible.


Cannot be obtained through normal means

Sterling Silver, Blue Topaz, and Pink Topaz.


To magnify results, use with clear intention
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way

Wear it with joy on your finger.