Cosmic Eye Necklace (Silver, Dual Tone, Brass Gold Plated)

Created by:

Mother of Dragons

Anna Lucas



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The cosmic eye is holding the codes of the divine feminine and cosmic mother energy as the origin of the creative principle. The mirror in the goddess and magic tradition is used to lift the veil between dimensions, to see beyond the illusions, and to reflect the inner light, beauty, and love from inside out to activate and manifest as well as to dissolve and protect. Our central source of light is as well connected with the central sun/source of highest consciousness and love.

The embodiment of the energy Source is within your every move, putting your soul into everything you do to relieve the cosmic power that was once forgotten. Let love activate your true potential while you give in to the sound of your inner guidance. It’s echoing through the cave where your treasure lays, all you need to do is answer that calling.


Available in 3 options:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Pendant (2 Tones)
  • Brass Gold Plated


To wear on the upper or lower Heart Chakra.
Silver: the energy is ascending to help us to elevate and expand the consciousness
Gold: the energy is descending to help us to ground the consciousness