Merlin’s Oracle

Created by:

Oracles of the Realm

Cristina Capatina, Salika Lamour, Joseph Vergani




The essence of Magic emanates from non-dual simplicity; the Art is for the eye, the heart, and the wildness of your own imagery. One true thing: this Oracle exists for you to reform the Realm you reside in. You may wonder: Am I truly ready? Well, you are the one reading these words.

This oracle is yours to explore and embody. Everlasting activations are now manifested in plain sight. Magic is here, awaiting you. It takes no effort to be a Merlin. If you don’t laugh, it doesn’t end well.

Enjoy receiving one message a day or ask the oracle as many questions as you like. Merlin’s oracle reveals potent and meaningful insights to those who seek guidance from the heart.


Love & Magic

Cannot be obtained through normal means


To magnify results, use with clear intention
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way

Set your intention, and simply open a book the way you would pick a card. One message a day, great transformation at play.