Divine Union Perfume

Created by:

Alchemist of the Realm

Olga Marina




Aroma connects masculine and feminine principles, creating harmonious alliances of love,
friendship and business in combining the energies of Yin and Yang.

The Spirit of concentrated scent’s Power: Sacred Unity of primary elements
Ritual of the Sun
Power place of aroma: Altai, Ukok plateau

This scent allows you to make alliances at different levels. Gives Divine Instruction. It contains aphrodisiacs. Divine Union perfume works to harmonize the masculine and feminine principles within a person. It helps to relieve tension between them and as a result attracts a harmonious partner into your life or helps build divine foundations for the relationship with someone who is already with you. The scent pushes you to understand your essence through connection with your other part.


Cannot be obtained through normal means.

EtOH 96% Spiritus aethylicus, Clitoria ternatea, Pinus succinefera, Nigella cretica Mill extractum, Citrus limon, Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Citrus bergamia, Rosa balcarica, Citrus x aurantium, Vetiveria zizanoides, Santalum album, Vanilla planifolia, Abelmoschus moschatus, Moschus moschiferus, Ambroxan, Syrínga vulgáris, Amyris balsamifera, Piper Betle, Iris pallida, Rosa chinensis, Rosa rubiginosa, Cucumis melo, Pandanus amaryllifolius, Citrus aurantiifolia, Avena sativa, Ambergris, Styrax benzoin. Secretum Ingredient – 1/6 crupulus solaris reflexiones.


To magnify results, use with clear intention.
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way.

A few drops on your wrists, throat chakra, behind your ears, heart chakra, almost anywhere you feel most connected to when you smell the perfume. It settles in and has a long-lasting fragrance.