Flame Draco – Long Magic Wand

Created by:

Master Shapeshifter

Momo Mercurious




Well-balanced 46 cm long (18″) magic wand, tipped with an African Spirit Quartz point. They have sterling silver symbols of the Ankh, Hamsa, Eye of Horus, Flower of Life, Pentagram, and a second smaller Ankh for long life and health. Textured in Brass with circular tentacular motifs. 

Reclaim your memento with the Flame Draco, and awaken your long-forgotten dreams to create a playful journey, where you can express yourself wholly without fear. You are holding the key to limitless doors of magical lands. Live consciously and dare to relive your wizard potential. If you can imagine it, you can create it – as easy as dancing with your wand. 


Cannot be obtained through normal means.

46 cm (18″) long wand.

Brass, Sterling Silver, African Spirit Quartz point, polished Kunzite, rough Citrine, and Black Onyx.

To magnify results, use with clear intention.
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way.

Perfect for amplifying energies in your altar or workspace.