Seraphim – Necklace

Created by:

Mother of Dragons

Anna Lucas




The Seraphim talisman is holding the energy of purity and solar radiance of the angelic Seraphim which are also seen as cosmic light dragons of very high vibration assisting divine creation. They also represent the inner illumination or Kristic consciousness. The mirror symbolizes the light source guiding the evolution of our soul. This is a special talisman full of divine love.

Let love be in everything you do. Envision your dreams using your third eye, and believe that you will have it as you wish. Be confident in what you do, put your soul into it, and instill your deepest manifestation. When you create with joy, you will always find new inspiration flowing to you with such ease. The whole Universe force is with you all the way, expand and allow yourself to experience new things. Let the powerful energy of this Seraphim Necklace unite with your magnificent self.


Cannot be obtained through normal means.

Available in 2 options:
– Sterling Silver
– Sterling Silver and Brass Gold Plated (2 tones)
– Brass Gold Plated 18 CT

Length of the chain: 40 + 5 CM of extension


To magnify results, use with clear intention
Overthinking during the process is not the wizard’s way

To wear on Heart Chakra.

Silver: the energy is ascending to help us to elevate and expand the consciousness
Gold: the energy is descending to help us to ground the consciousness
Mirror: Alchemical tool of activation and protection